Finnish Startup Visa

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Finnish Startup Visa

1 first Session

A 90-min meeting with the idea evaluation & future cooperation steps, legal advice will be followed

( If the meeting did not end with the contract because of your ideas’ details, you can get our help to modify and lean your idea to a qualified level )

2 Contract

Signing the contract and executing the documentation phase

Note: If you agreed to start developing your business as Startup but your idea needs more evaluation and your MVP is not qualified, You should process with bellow sub-phases:

Ideation Phase 1 Ideation Phase 1
Ideation Phase 1 Leaning Phase 2

The Lean Benchtop Model

After the ideation phase, the process will follow the build, measure and lean process to reach acceptable level

3 Documentation

Completing resumes, preparing a business plan (innovative business plan), determining shareholder status, Financial Projection …

  • A closer look at the idea based on the Finnish market (Market Research)
  • Resumes and team specifications according to European standards
  • Business plan according to the format and basic needs of the organization responsible for the startups in Finland (Innovative business plan)
  • Determine the status of shareholders and types of shares in the company
  • Financial projection
  • Modify the existing business model if needed
  • Marketing plan
  • Pitch deck
  • Supervision in identity design
  • Positioning
  • Products and services
  • MVP

4 Submitting application

Sending documents to the right organisation for approval and receive eligibility statement from Business Finland

5 Residency Documentation

6 Moving to finland


Establish a company

Developing Business

Startup Visa

You are qualified for a start-up visa if you are:
  • A startup team – at least 2 founders – with versatile expertise planning to move to Finland
  • An intention of founding a fast-growth company in Finland
  • An innovative business plan
  • Commitment to the business idea and eventually building the company
  • Significant holding in the company (For example the team applying for the permit, has a holding of not less than 60% of the company.)
  • Access to sufficient resources and funding for the company’s early-stage development
  • Secure financial means for support