Vocational Schools

Free Tuition Educational opportunities FinlandQ’s Vocational Program in 2023

As you know, Finland, is the world’s safest country and the happiest nation for 5 years in a row. We provide free tuition educational opportunities for international students to pursue Vocational Education and Training in Finland and 24−hour consulting service for our students and partners.

In this program you will get recognized European degree for free. While studying, you can earn money and after graduation you will be employed immediately. Moreover, FinlandQ’s vocational program gives you an opportunity to become a permanent resident in Finland.

Requirements for FinlandQ’s vocational program

  • Age: 18 – 40
  • English proficiency: Intermediate
  • Finnish proficiency: Finest Future’s Certification
  • Good physical and mental health
  • Your last educational certificate

How to Apply?

  • The first step is to register for an interview, date and time of the meeting will be announced by our colleagues at FinlandQ.
  • After passing our interview you will be admitted into our Finnish language learning program.
  • In the third step, we will work on finding you some great choices vocational schools.
  • After your acceptance into the Finnish schools, you will be given complete information about Finnish life and you will continue to learn Finnish to improve your communication skills.
  • When it’s time, we help you with acquiring your Visa. We also make sure to aid you in relocation all the way until you reach your new home in Finland.

In vocational education and training, you can study the following fields:

Information and Communications Technology

By studying this field, you’ll learn about product production process, scriptwriting and coding, graphic design, 3D modeling and game implementation and your job opportunities would be:

  • Software Developer
  • Game Developer
  • 3D Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • IT Specialist

Qualification holders of information and communication technology can work in different software production assignments and represent the field in various information system projects. You can work on assignments related to the specification, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of information systems and software among other things, you may also work on different sales tasks in business-to-business trade and specialty goods trade.

Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology

in this field, you will learn about competence area in assembly and automation competence area in production technology and your career opportunities would be:

  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Technology specialist
  • Plater-welder
  • Mechanical fitter

Qualification holders of mechanical engineering and production technology can inspect the parts and components that are to be installed, carry out the required checks and adjustments and do the required documentation. They are familiar with the structures and operation of machines and equipment and are able to use materials and different assembly methods appropriately and safely in their work. They are also responsible for the quality of the product they have manufactured and the correct controls and operation of the machines they use.

Social and Health Care

By studying this field, you’ll learn how to educate and care the children and youth, nursing and care for elderly and disabled.

And then, after graduation, you will have following job opportunities:

Health administration

  • Nursing
  • Youth work
  • Early childhood education and care
  • Services for the elderly

In Holders of the vocational qualification in social and health care can work in professional interaction and multicultural operating environments. They know how to plan, implement, and assess nursing and care that promotes the client’s or patient’s health, wellbeing, functional capacity, growth, and social inclusion in different social and health care or educational operating environments. They can also take care of patient and client safety, work aseptically and ergonomically, and take care of their occupational safety and well-being.

Restaurant and Catering Services

In this field, you will learn about different areas of customer and food services and then you will have these career opportunities:

  • Food Manufacturing Inspector
  • Baker
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Chef
  • Banquet Server

Graduations can plan and carry out food preparation or customer service tasks and work in sales in the catering sector, serve Finnish and foreign customers in a customer-oriented manner, use professional vocabulary in foreign languages, and draw on their cultural knowledge work in a sales-minded, customer service oriented and quality conscious manner and profitably, productively, and responsibly as well as operate in compliance with hygiene requirements, and sustainable operating practices.


You will study about the landscape industries, products marketing of the sector, floristry and horticultural business, build and maintain Safe Green Areas and Support Biodiversity in this field. After graduation, you will have these job opportunities:

  • Agriculture Inspector
  • Horticulture Inspector
  • Horticulture Technician
  • Gardener

Graduates can build and maintain safe and pleasant green areas that support biodiversity. They are familiar with the materials used in landscaping and know how to work with them. They can interpret the documents used in landscaping and maintenance and comply with the quality requirements of the sector and also operate the machinery, equipment, and tools used in the building and maintenance of green areas.


While you study construction, you will learn about competence area of construction and then you will have the following job opportunities:

  • Construction Manager
  • Carpenter
  • Painter
  • Equipment Operator
  • Civil Engineer

In Holders of the vocational qualification in construction are able to perform foundation stage tasks on a building construction site and know how to perform work on outer and partition walls as well as roof framing tasks, including laying insulation, following plans, and documents. They know how to use the basic tools of the construction site as well as the correct working methods and materials. They work independently and in a quality-conscious, customer service-oriented, and cooperative manner.

Rural Entrepreneur and Animal Attendant

In this field, you will learn about agriculture and rural entrepreneur, agricultural technology and rural entrepreneur, animal husbandry and animal attendant. Then, these following career opportunities would be the following fields:

  • Animal Shelter Attendant
  • Entrepreneur in Agriculture
  • Supply Bioenergy Entrepreneur
  • Researcher in Agriculture
  • Animal Relocation Coordinator

Rural entrepreneurs who have selected the competence area in agriculture know how to work in various types of rural enterprises. They have extensive basic knowledge regarding how to keep land fertile and the factors that affect plant growth. Depending on their choices, they manage production animals and promote their welfare, pursue forestry methodically, serve customers, or design and use production technology for their enterprise and commission-building work. Animal attendants who have completed the competence area in animal attendant know how to care for and look after the welfare of different kinds of animals. They have extensive basic knowledge of the vital functions of animals, animal nutrition, health care, and genetics.


By studying this field, you’ll learn about competence areas of property maintenance, domestic services and site facilities services and then you will have these career opportunities:

  • Cleaning & Maintenance services
  •  Property Management

Graduates can focus their professional skills on property management, domestic work services, or business premises maintenance according to their field of expertise. You will learn how to work in site facilities service tasks and customer service situations at a customer site as set out in the applicable service contract. You will also learn how to carry out maintenance cleaning and periodical cleaning at a customer site. Depending on your choices, you also learn how to plan & provide cleaning services at different customer sites in various industries.