High Schools and Vocational Schools in Savitaipale Finland

High Schools and Vocational Schools in Savitaipale Finland

Finland has shown in recent years that it deserves the title of the happiest country in the world and can be considered one of the best countries globally. This country is blessed with beautiful nature and offers a lot of well-being to its people. Life in Finland has a unique balance, and you are never forced to compromise personal life and health for work or education. The Finnish education system is structured to help children become their best selves in the future. Savitaipale Finland is one of the best cities for continuing your education.

The Finnish Education System

To simplify the Finnish education system, it can be said that in the Finnish education system, equality comes first. Finland has no standardized tests, no private schools, and children start school at the age of 6 or 7. The combination of these features makes Finland have one of the best education systems in the world.

In Finland, teachers are highly respected and valued due to their high teaching standards and a deeper understanding of education’s purpose. Teachers in Finland have a proper understanding of grades and know that grades are not an indicator of a student’s learning. Therefore, they employ innovative teaching methods. Finland is also at the forefront of automation and internet usage in schools and universities.

In Finland, teachers are committed to teaching values passed from one generation to another, not points. What makes them the best country is their embrace of modern technology and its application in educational institutions. Various universities in the country provide different research facilities for students to use when needed.

Finland not only educates individuals but also nurtures deserving and selfless individuals. In Finland, basic principles of educating children are prioritized, not just academically but also in terms of human qualities. The Finnish education system provides the best environment for students with social equality, free school meals, access to healthcare, personal guidance, and psychological counseling.

Introduction to Savitaipale Finland

Savitaipale is a lively and dynamic city in the southeast of Finland. The region’s nature is a beautiful combination of Lake Kuolimo and Lake Saimaa, along with smaller lakes, forests, and extensive fields. Savitaipale is an ideal destination for those who want to take care of their health and love sports and nature. The center of Savitaipale is located next to Lake Kuolimo and on the Salpausselkä 2 esker line.

The center of Savitaipale hosts various services, grocery stores, and specialty shops. The area has smooth traffic and is very accessible, as both the railway station and the airport are just half an hour away by car. With approximately three thousand summer cottages, the population of about 3,500 Savitaipale nearly triples during the summer.

Life in Savitaipale City, Finland

There are seven active villages in the municipality of Savitaipale: Havo, Heituinlahti, Kuivasensaari, Partakoski, Savitaipaleen kirkonkylä, Säänjärvi, and Välijoki. These villages have formed an extensive network of rural organizations, actively planning and supporting various celebrations and events and promoting cultural heritage and historical landscapes. In this city, you can live in peace yet still be close to essential services and stores located in the city center. Thanks to fast internet connections, it is easy to stay connected to the outside world and larger cities if needed.

Savitaipale has three kindergartens where all children have an individual educational program during their childhood in cooperation with their parents. The region has two primary schools, Heituinlahti School and Europaeus School, offering education for students from grades 1 to 9. Savitaipale also has a high school called Savitaipaleen lukio, which ranked among the top one hundred high schools in Finland in 2015.

Working Conditions in Savitaipale tend toward forestry and tourism industries. Agriculture still plays an essential role in preserving the livelihood of rural areas. Farming production is increasingly shifting toward agricultural products, providing opportunities for further business development on farms and salaried work off the farms.

Savitaipale has small sawmills, mechanical workshops, and woodworking industries, as well as mining and metal companies. Other major forms of commerce include machinery contracting, construction, transportation, food processing, tourism-related activities, recreational, medical, and care services, as well as handicraft production.

Savitaipale Finland
Savitaipale Finland

Regional Health Services

Family and social services organizations support residents in various life situations, such as questions related to childbearing and child growth, education, income, aging, immigration, and services for people with disabilities.

Introduction to Savitaipale High School, Finland

Savitaipale is a small school located on the southern shore of Lake Kuolimo in southeastern Finland. This high school offers a high-quality learning experience and has excellent facilities. The teachers at the school are highly motivated, and the school size is small, allowing school authorities to focus more on each individual’s curriculum. Team spirit is highly emphasized in Finnish schools, with most classroom activities carried out as a team. Students not only enjoy studying together but also like spending their free time together. School opens at 8 in the morning and continues until 3 in the afternoon, from Monday to Friday.

Facilities at Savitaipale Finland High School

During your studies in Finnish high schools, various facilities are available to help you complete your education successfully.

– Free Laptop

– Schoolbooks

– Free School Lunch

– The ability to borrow books from the school’s extensive library

– Offering specialized courses

– Free education

– Residence of Savitaipale High School, Finland

The school itself will rent you a private bedroom with a shared kitchen and bathroom in the vicinity of the area. The distance to these furnished apartments from the school is only 10 minutes, and they have very reasonable prices to help you save on your educational expenses.

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