High Schools and Vocational Schools in the City of Pori Finland

Pori Finland

High Schools and Vocational Schools in the City of Pori Finland

Finland is one of the Northern European countries known for its ideal living conditions, making it one of the best choices for international education migration. This country is located near Sweden, Norway, and Russia, and it proudly holds the title of the “most forested country in the world.” Despite its small population of just over 5 million people, Finnish cities are not too crowded, and you can lead a peaceful life anywhere in the country. The official languages in this country are Finnish and Swedish, but if you’re not familiar with these two languages, don’t worry. Almost 90% of the residents in the city of Pori Finland and other parts of the country can easily communicate with you in English.

The Finnish Education System

The best word to describe the Finnish education system is “equality.” In Finland, your family’s status or financial situation will not determine your path through school and the quality of your education because all students study in similar conditions, and the quality of teaching is consistently high in all schools. This “equality” is the most significant difference between the Finnish education system and those in other countries around the world.

Finnish schools have always been public, and there is almost no difference between public and private education. In many other countries, the situation is entirely different. Private education can be expensive, but it often provides a significantly different level of quality compared to public education. In Finland, in addition to students, university students are also relatively equal in terms of education.

Almost all young Finns complete their primary education in the allotted time, and failing a class or a school year is a rare occurrence. The strength of the Finnish elementary school system is based on brave educational planning. In other words, Finns have had the courage to do things differently from other countries and implement a unique system. The curriculum and exams in Finnish high schools are innovative and focus on adapting and the well-being of the students. Finnish school architecture is also admired as it provides an excellent environment for comprehensive learning and offers various facilities.

Boosting Motivation Through Freedom of Choice

The Finnish education system, especially in elementary schools, has gained admiration for the freedom of choice given to students. While basic subjects are the same for everyone, students have the right to choose and have more opportunities to study their preferred subjects at a young age.

After compulsory education, most Finns continue their studies at universities. There are various options for selection; you can either specialize in a particular profession by the end of your education or continue your studies in high school. Many high school graduates go on to attend a university or a reputable global educational institution.

Finnish youth perform well in international studies that measure school success and knowledge. The Finnish school system provides a strong foundation for various fields, and the freedom of choice allows students to pursue their favorite path. If you study in Finland, by the end of elementary school, you will speak at least three languages because, in addition to the two primary languages, there is a recommended foreign language course.

Finnish Teachers are Highly Educated

In countries other than Finland, especially in public schools, there is often a shortage of well-educated teachers due to low wages and the demanding nature of the job. In Finland, the teaching profession is relatively respected, and all teachers have higher education. There are strict requirements in this field because the government believes that a good education level should be available everywhere in Finland and in every school.

Introducing the City of Pori Finland

The city of Pori, Finland, was founded as a port city in 1558. In the 1550s, Finland was governed by Gustav I of Sweden, who declared that the people of the nearby city of Ulvila should relocate to Helsinki. The bourgeoisie was not pleased with staying in Helsinki (which was not the large and vibrant city it is today), and they were allowed to return to their region. On their return, the next Swedish king, John III, designated a specific place for them to settle, and thus, Pori was born. Today, Pori is the tenth-largest city in Finland and offers a blend of historical charm, modern services, and an artistic atmosphere.

While Finland may not be famous as a beach destination, there are several magnificent beaches around Pori that the locals frequently enjoy. One of them is Yyteri, located in Pori. The sandy dunes of Yyteri stretch over six kilometers and attract thousands of Finns every summer. Besides sunbathing, people visit Yyteri for golfing and spas.

Every year in July, thousands of music enthusiasts gather at Pori’s Kirjurinluoto for the annual Pori Jazz Festival. The first festival was held in 1966, and since then, the Pori festival has gained recognition as one of the most prominent jazz festivals in Europe. Pori Jazz is a popular summer event in Finland and attracts people from all walks of life, including the Finnish president. Despite its name, this festival also hosts hip-hop, rock, and other artists.

Reposaari Island in Pori Finland

Reposaari is a beautiful and historical island given to the city of Pori by John III of Sweden. This island used to be very crowded, and today, around a thousand people live on this beautiful island. Reposaari is connected to Pori via bridges, making it an ideal travel destination. There are boat tours from Pori to this harbor to create unforgettable memories for you.

Kallo Lighthouse in Pori, Finland

Kallo Lighthouse dates back to the 19th century and is located on a rocky island about 20 kilometers from the center of Pori. The lighthouse and the surrounding rocky island create an extraordinary landscape. There is also a café next to the Kallo Lighthouse, along with several historic red wooden houses, adding to its charm. Kallo is connected to the mainland by a bridge, which is certainly one of the reasons that make Pori one of the best coastal cities in Finland.

Introduction to High Schools in the City of Pori, Finland

Pori High School is a secondary school located in the city center of Pori, Finland. This school is a free public institution following the national curriculum of Finland and was founded in 1926. It educates around 280 students in grades 7 to 9 (ages 13-16) and offers various specialized classes in music, arts, and languages. In bilingual classes, subjects are taught in both English and Finnish.

Pori Finland
Pori Finland

Pori High School emphasizes a wide range of skills, activities, and arts. The school strives to help young people become active and independent citizens, which ultimately fosters better collaboration within the community. Typically, there are fewer than 25 students in a class. The main subjects include mathematics, science, biology, geography, history, religion, health education, and Finnish, English, and Swedish languages and literature. Furthermore, students can also study subjects like French, German, or Spanish during their academic term. In addition to these courses, students can engage in physical education, economics, handicrafts, and textile crafts.

The curriculum of Pori High School, like high schools across the country, includes both mandatory and optional courses. Concepts of self-assessment, self-study, and distance learning are seriously pursued in this school to give students a better sense of their high school education. Pori High School provides students with precise planning and allows each person to choose courses according to their interests and motivations.

Pori High School specializes in natural sciences, sports, commerce, performing arts, and visual arts. These courses are offered in several languages, including Latin, which is not commonly found in every high school. The computer studies program equips students to improve their skills and prepare for the job market. The school’s international relations allow participation in international projects. The diverse educational opportunities offered at Porin lukio can provide a foundation for both academic and personal growth, which is vital for any educational institution.

The new educational program at Pori High School, launched in 2018, is presented in both English and Finnish languages, making it a great choice for international students.

Final Thoughts

Some Finnish experts have concerns about the future of the educational system. Therefore, the curriculum is constantly updated and various teaching methods are introduced in Finland to enable teachers to apply new teaching styles in their classrooms. Finland will remain on the path of learning by embracing new knowledge and constantly updating the system, listening to experts, teachers, students, and the demands of modern work and technology. Finland is a country that can bring you one step closer to a promising future and a reputable university, making it an ideal choice for immigration.

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