High Schools and Vocational Schools in the city of Sulkava Finland

Sulkava Finland

High Schools and Vocational Schools in the city of Sulkava Finland

Finland is one of Europe’s beautiful countries with a strong educational system that provides a peaceful and prosperous life. It is an excellent choice for students who plan to travel abroad as education is free, and after completing your studies, you can apply to reputable universities worldwide. The city of Sulkava Finland is one of the best destinations to aid your progress.

The Finnish Education System

The Finnish education system is considered one of the best worldwide, attracting attention from other countries due to its unique structure. In Finland, teachers are highly respected by society, and students are excited about going to school without feeling exhausted. Unlike other countries, education in Finland focuses on learning and preparing students for their future lives, not just for high grades.

One of the key reasons for the success of this education system is that teachers encourage students not only to learn but to better understand life. In Finnish schools, students are not just taught basic subjects; they are also taught about equality and teamwork, which results in creating a better society.

In Finland, there are hundreds of organizations and companies offering top-notch education to teachers. They also participate in internship programs during their studies, which results in the training of exemplary and efficient teachers. Teachers interact with students at different levels during their internships and, based on their experiences, strive to complete a master’s degree.

Finland: A Country without Tough Exams

Countries like China and the United States are known for their high exam standards, but they lag behind Finland in educating students who achieve high results. In the United States, students suffer from stress, and the reason is these exams. Those who perform well have a bright future, and those who do not put in the effort believe they cannot succeed in their studies. Several years ago, the Finnish government decided to eliminate such exams. As a result, many students can easily build their own future without worrying about final grades.

Overall, the Finnish government believes that a university degree is not the key to success in life. Therefore, their education system strives to prepare students for the future, not just for university.

Introduction to the City of Sulkava Finland

Sulkava is one of the beautiful cities in Finland, located in the South Savonia region. This city has a population of 2,431 (as of the latest data provided on December 31, 2021) and covers an area of 769.20 square kilometers, with 184.52 square kilometers (71.24 square miles) of it being water. The population density is 4.16 people per square kilometer, indicating that life in this city offers tranquility. Its neighboring cities include Juva, Puumala, Rantasalmi, Rokolahti, and Savonlinna. This city is well-known for its annual long-distance rowing competition, Sulkavan Suursoudut, on Lake Saimaa. The nearest city is Savonlinna, located approximately 38 kilometers away, while larger cities like Mikkeli are 75 kilometers away, Kuopio 150 kilometers, and Helsinki is 300 kilometers from Sulkava. Regular bus and taxi transportation services are available from Sulkava to Savonlinna.

Sulkava Finland
Sulkava Finland

Places of Interest in the City of Sulkava Finland

Sulkava may not be as popular as other Finnish cities, but when you see it up close, it will captivate you. Sulkava is a small but beautiful tourist destination that is worth a visit. During your exploration of the city, you’ll find various places to visit and create enjoyable experiences for yourself, including:

– Sulkava Church

– Vekaransalmen Bridge

– Vilkaharju Esker Terrain Geopark

– Untouched and pristine natural surroundings

– Historical and valuable buildings and sculptures

– Saimaa Telataipaleen Kanava Geopark

– Introduction to the City of Sulkava, Finland

– Preschool in the city of Sulkava Finland

Preschool Education in the Touhula daycare center in the city center and in the Lohilahti Primary School is provided. Registration for preschool education is done at a specific time in late winter/early spring.

High Schools and Vocational Schools in the City of Sulkava, Finland

In the city of Sulkava, there is a comprehensive school that offers various facilities to students. The building located in the city center hosts classes from 1 to 9, and Lohilahti accommodates classes from 0 to 6. In the Sulkava comprehensive school, the central school in the city center provides separate classes for each grade, and Lohilahti School offers combined classes. Every student has the right to receive good education and succeed in school work. Learning occurs through active interaction with other students, teachers, adults, various communities, and learning environments.

The Sulkava comprehensive school offers various activities for students, the student council, and youth council. The school has a parent association, and in addition to teachers for each grade, professional counselors are present in the school to help students.

Facilities in Sulkava, Finland

If you want your education to go beyond theoretical classes, Sulkava School is the place you’re looking for. Choosing the entrepreneurship study path provides a unique opportunity for planning your business, branding it, and even realizing it in reality. Entrepreneurship includes nine special courses where you learn many things about starting your own business, meet numerous people, and travel around Finland.

Some of the facilities in this school include:

– Free books

– Free laptops

– Free lunches

– Professional counselors in the school

– Nurse and social worker presence

– Free healthcare services

– Free access to the gym

Approximate Cost of Living in the City

The approximate cost of living in Sulkava, Finland, includes:

– Monthly mobile phone and internet expenses: Around 20 euros

– Food and beverages: 100-200 euros per month

– The club is free of charge

– Accommodation costs: 180-300 euros per month

Accommodation in Sulkava, Finland

This high school will help you find good accommodation for yourself. Newly built and furnished apartments are considered for this school, which you can rent for about 180 to 300 euros per month. These dormitories have separate rooms, but the kitchen is shared. The library, school, and sports facilities are located close to the apartments, and grocery stores, restaurants, and healthcare centers are within a short distance and can be reached on foot.

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