High Schools and Vocational Schools in the City of Janakkala Finland

High Schools and Vocational Schools in the City of Janakkala Finland

Are you curious about studying abroad? Are you looking for a country with a quality education system? Finland can be an excellent choice for you. Finland has one of the best education systems in the world and hosts several top universities. For anyone seeking quality education abroad, Finland is an ideal choice. Whether your favorite city is the coastal capital Helsinki, the medieval university city Turku, Janakkala Finland , or the popular city Tampere, you’ll undoubtedly find a destination for studying abroad.

The Finnish Education System

If you want to pursue higher education and study in one of the happiest countries on Earth, Finland is the best option for you. Despite having one of the best education systems globally, Finland has hosted more than 14,000 international students, showcasing the high interest in studying in Finland. Finland excels in fields such as mathematics and science, surpassing countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. Since 2019, Finnish universities have consistently ranked high on the list of the world’s best universities.

Finnish schools aim to prepare students for the real world from an early age and provide them with the necessary tools for a better life. Students are taught through a multidisciplinary approach that combines self-directed learning, problem-solving, and self-improvement, contributing to the growth and participation of students in various classes.

The Finnish education system is based on the principle that every student has an equal right to education, and money will not determine the quality and facilities of the school. Therefore, most high schools in Finland have excellent facilities, and students, regardless of their financial level, can attend these schools and build their futures. For this reason, Finland’s education system serves as a model for many countries, all striving to implement Finland’s successful and practical education system.

Introduction to the City of Janakkala Finland

One of Europe’s beautiful cities, Janakkala in Finland, is a place where students can travel to complete their high school education. The total area of the city is 586 square kilometers, with 37 square kilometers being water. Janakkala is home to approximately 16,900 residents, with 7,350 in Turenki and 4,056 in Tervakoski.

Janakkala is an excellent place to live, and it will captivate everyone. The city has fast access to Helsinki and Tampere, and if you need to visit larger cities, you can do so in a short time. Janakkala offers forests filled with berries and mushrooms, beaches, beautiful hiking trails, and ski slopes throughout the city, making it a place of natural beauty. Thanks to active local companies and associations, there are many activities in the city that you can enjoy and make the most of your time in Finland.

Costs of accommodation and food in this city are relatively lower compared to central cities, allowing you to live there with fewer expenses, making it one of the significant advantages of studying in a city other than the capital.

High Schools in Janakkala Finland

Secondary education in high schools and vocational schools in Janakkala, Finland, prepares students for university or participation in practical courses and provides them with a broad overview of all disciplines.

General upper secondary education can be completed in a regular daily high school, adult high school, local high schools, or through distance education. Young students apply for upper secondary education by sending their requests through the joint application system online and are accepted by high schools based on their performance in their previous education. Adult applicants for general upper secondary education will apply directly to the schools.

Janakkala Finland
Janakkala Finland

The curriculum for high school consists of a minimum of 75 courses (on average, 38 hours) or, in the case of adult general upper secondary education, a minimum of 44 courses (on average, 28 hours).

General upper secondary education is free; however, some subject-specific studies and the matriculation examination may incur fees. Textbooks and study materials are not provided for free, and students usually need to cover these expenses. Financial assistance is available to students for high school, so you generally do not have to worry too much about costs.

Janakkala High School operates in two locations, Turenki and Tervakoski. In total, there are approximately 260 students attending Janakkala High School. Janakkala High School was established on August 1, 2013, through the merger of Turenki and Tervakoski High Schools. This high school provides a very high-quality education and prepares students very well for the opportunity to study in Finland’s top universities.

Facilities in Janakkala High Schools

In addition to the high-quality courses offered, the recreational and sports facilities at Janakkala High Schools are also noteworthy. There are various sports fields for different sports, and if you have an interest, you can pursue any of them. In addition to regular high school courses, specialized courses in entrepreneurship and information technology are also offered, familiarizing students with the working methods of these two fields.

In Janakkala schools, all teaching is conducted in the Finnish language, and different subjects will also be taught in this language. However, during specific terms, students can learn languages such as English, Swedish, French, German, and Russian. Since this high school participates in various international projects, your chances of finding good educational and job opportunities increase.

In Conclusion

Finland is a destination that will guarantee your life and the life of your family. Studying in Janakkala high schools offers various opportunities and, alongside various subjects, you can benefit from school facilities such as sports fields and libraries. Supplementary courses will also be offered alongside the main subjects to help students make more informed choices regarding their future career.

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