List of English Language Universities in Finland

List of English Language Universities in Finland

Finland’s educational system is so robust that one of the main reasons for increased immigration to this country is precisely this education system. Nowadays, English-language universities in Finland are engaged in teaching various courses to international immigrant students. If you don’t have a high level of proficiency in Finnish, there’s no need to worry because studying in these universities is possible with the required documentation. Stay with us as we discuss List of English Language Universities in Finland in detail.

In general, how many fields are taught in English in Finland?

To get acquainted with English-language universities in Finland, we need to investigate how many fields, in general, are taught in English in this country. In response to this question, it can be said that most universities in various fields offer programs in English to prospective students. In general, in this country, more than 135 undergraduate fields, 385 master’s programs, 60 doctoral programs, and 15 distance education courses will be fully taught in English.

This broad spectrum of fields taught in English among universities in Northern Europe is truly exceptional. This might be considered one of the most significant factors leading many individuals to continue their education in this country. If you also have familiarity with the English language and intend to pursue your education in Finland, according to the published numbers, you can expect a bright future.

How can we find out which universities in Finland offer courses in English?

In order to identify English-language universities in Finland, there are various methods. One of them is to visit the website of the relevant university. Usually, by entering the specific university’s website, you can inquire about which fields are offered in English.

All universities in Finland have allocated a separate section for this purpose. Another important solution in this regard is to send electronic letters or emails to the relevant university. You can inquire about which fields are taught in English by sending an email to the respective university.

List of English Language Universities in Finland

Now that we have examined the general methods related to finding English-language universities in Finland, it’s time to take a look at the best English-language universities in Finland. In general, various universities in this country offer various programs in English. The most important ones include:

  1. University of Vaasa
  2. Hanken School of Economics
  3. Laurea University of Applied Sciences
  4. Metropolia University of Applied Sciences
  5. Arcada University of Applied Sciences
English Universities in Finland
English Universities in Finland

These five universities can be considered the best options for offering various courses in English. Each of these cases has a good ranking among Finnish and European universities, so you can confidently choose them.

A significant number of English-speaking students are studying at these five universities. You can also apply for a Finnish student visa. Of course, the University of Helsinki, one of the largest universities in this country, cannot be forgotten. This university is located in the capital of Finland and has been ranked in the top 100 universities globally for several consecutive years.

Many courses at this university are also offered in English, so if you’re looking for English-language universities in Finland, there’s no way to forget the University of Helsinki, the largest university in this country.

Most important English language proficiency certificates for studying in Finland

In order to study in Finland with English as the language of instruction, you need to have specific language proficiency certificates that demonstrate a high level of this language. In fact, to gain admission from English-language universities in Finland, the applicant must provide these documents, which indicate a high level of proficiency in this language. The most important certificates required for studying in English in this country are:

– TOEFL Academic

– IELTS Academic

– PTE Academic

Both during the admission process and when applying for a study visa, you must have the original of these documents. Scoring systems for each of these documents are different. Each university will have its specific regulations regarding these documents. For example, one university may require an IELTS score of 7, while another may not be satisfied with a score of less than 8. In any case, by contacting them, you can find out the desired document for the university of your choice.

English Universities in Finland
English Universities in Finland

Additionally, as you may be aware, some of these documents expire after several years, and applicants must renew them for study in this country. If your language certificate has passed its expiration date, you cannot apply for admission to English-language universities in Finland.

Top-Ranked Universities Offering English Language Courses in Finland

Now that we’ve discussed the Finnish universities that offer English-language programs in terms of the number of fields, it’s a good idea to take a look at the top universities in the country based on global rankings. These universities, while offering fewer programs in English, rank higher than the five universities we mentioned in the previous sections. These include:

  1. Aalto University
  2. University of Turku
  3. University of Jyväskylä
  4. University of Oulu
  5. LUT University
  6. Tampere University
  7. University of Eastern Finland
  8. Åbo Akademi University

The cost of your tuition fee has a direct relationship with your field of study and the university you choose. For example, the tuition fee for a program like Medicine, even in universities such as the University of Helsinki, will be higher than for any other field.

In general, your tuition fee in non-medical fields ranges from €4,000 to €18,000. This tuition fee is only applicable to bachelor’s and master’s degrees. As you may know, studying for a Ph.D. in English-language universities in Finland will be entirely free. Therefore, if you plan to continue your education at the doctoral level, Finland is an excellent choice. This is in contrast to pursuing a Ph.D. in countries like the United States, which requires paying a significant tuition fee.

You can study in some of the best European universities without learning Finnish by choosing English-language universities in Finland. This country has always been a suitable destination for individuals seeking a peaceful and prosperous life.

In conclusion, studying in English-language universities in Finland is possible for all international applicants. The educational system in this country is so strong that some consider it the best education system in the world. By studying in the universities of this country, you can also benefit from the services of this outstanding educational system.

Studying and living in Finland means studying and living in one of the top countries in all of Europe. Various statistics on the well-being of the people in this country reflect this. Educational immigration must be done with the help of educational consultants. If you have any specific questions in this regard, you can simply contact our experts, and they will assist you.

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