High Schools and Vocational Schools in the City of Mänttä Finland

Mänttä Finland

High Schools and Vocational Schools in the City of Mänttä Finland

Finland is one of the best countries in the world, offering a wide range of landscapes, attractions, and natural wonders, along with a high quality of life. If you are someone who has a great appreciation for nature and values a peaceful and prosperous lifestyle, Finnish cities might be the right choice for you. One of the unique attractions in this country is the Northern Lights or the Midnight Sun, which are hard to find anywhere else.

Finland is also home to unique museums such as Seurasaari, Luostarinmäki, and Suomenlinna Fortress for history enthusiasts, while others might prefer hiking in the beautiful nature of various cities in the country. You can meet Santa Claus in Rovaniemi and enjoy Christmas to the fullest. Along with beautiful scenery, the strong educational system of this country has led many students and scholars worldwide to choose Finland for further studies.

The Finnish Education System

The Finnish education system can be summarized in one sentence: “Education is for everyone.” The idea of mandatory schooling across the country emerged in 1921, just a few years after gaining independence from Russia. This policy laid the foundation for today’s Finnish education system. Another important measure to keep students in school is the provision of free daily meals, introduced in 1948 and highly appreciated in the post-war poverty era.

Currently, compulsory basic education spans from ages 7 to 15, and all students must complete this period. The mandatory school cycle in Finland is nine years, while in other countries, it may be longer or shorter. For example, in Brazil, basic education spans from ages 5 to 17. All schools in Finland adhere to specific guidelines and provide an equal quality of education. It’s only possible to find some schools that offer instruction in English. All of them are free without exception.

Schools in Finland

The idea of a free public school may seem unusual to many countries, but in Finland, the government covers the costs of education, and students don’t need to pay for school. After completing the mandatory school period, Finns can continue their education for an additional three years, choosing between more academically focused or more vocational education.

Due to the high-quality education and the cost-free nature of schools, the dropout rate in comprehensive education in Finland is very low. Over 99% of students complete these nine years. In Finnish schools, students are not categorized based on their financial or family situation, and all students receive equal facilities and treatment. In this environment, not only do they help many individuals shape their future from childhood, but they also learn that the rights of all humans are equal.

Finnish schools do not limit their environment to traditional classroom settings. Instead of traditional classrooms, they consider open classrooms without walls or clear divisions between hallways and classrooms, using complete furnishings. Any child who is not satisfied with their learning begins to receive more support from teachers and the school. The teaching method aligns with these needs, employing specific approaches for better learning for each student.

Teachers in the Finnish Education System

“Teachers are the heart of the Finnish education system.” Teaching in Finland has been a highly esteemed profession for decades. The demand for highly qualified teachers is high, given the level of professionalism in education. The role of a teacher in basic education requires at least a master’s degree in education and professional qualifications. On the other hand, specialists receive good salaries, and people hold great respect for them. Even though Finnish schools follow national education guidelines, they offer a high level of independence to schools and teachers. Teachers can choose their teaching methods and what content they plan to teach in class.

Mänttä Finland
Mänttä Finland

High Schools and Vocational Schools in the City of Mänttä Finland

High schools and vocational schools in Mänttä Finland, provide a friendly and high-quality educational environment for you. In these schools, you can study in various ways; for example, in addition to general education, you can choose preparatory courses for medical studies, as well as courses in art, music, and sports to gain the necessary knowledge in your preferred fields. There are numerous courses in art, music, and sports available in Mänttä high school. Playing in a music group or studying art alongside other subjects, how will that feel? Without a doubt, great moments await you in Finland.

In addition to art and music courses, you can study at the Mänttä Finland high school sports academy. For the field of arts, the school collaborates with the Adult Education Center Autere, the Serlachius Museum, and the Mänttä Art Festival. The American Mikkeli Institute for Music collaborates with the school for music courses, and for sports, they work with SASKY and local sports clubs.

This school has a beautiful and comprehensive library where you can find all kinds of books to read. There is also a small kitchen provided for students. Every high school student at the beginning of their studies receives a laptop, digital study materials, and school books. Lunch is free every day at this school, which is one of the positive features of Finnish schools.

Your success at school is highly important for teachers, so many counselors will provide you with the necessary guidance in your studies and help you plan your field of choice according to your interests.

Some common costs of high school education in Finland include:

Food and beverages: 200 euros per month

Unlimited mobile phone plan with internet: 30 euros per month

Leisure activities: 50-100 euros per month (cinema, art gallery, gym, etc.)

Studying at high schools and vocational schools in Mänttä Finland

Usually, to study at Finnish high schools, you need to have proficiency in the Finnish language to communicate easily with other students and participate in various courses. English-language schools can be found in larger Finnish cities, but they come with some associated costs. If you need guidance for living in Finland and attending its schools, you can speak with our experts at the FinlandQ Group, who will provide you with the necessary guidance. We will be with you from the counseling stage to your arrival in Finland to help you successfully enroll in one of the Finnish schools.

School Facilities in the City of Mänttä, Finland

  • Free laptops
  • Free digital learning resources
  • Free schoolbooks
  • Free daily lunches
  • Free access to the gym
  • Shared apartment accommodation option
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