High Schools in the City of Honkajoen Finland

High Schools in the City of Honkajoen Finland

Finland is one of the best countries for pursuing education and obtaining a study residence permit. Every year, many individuals visit this country for living, working, and studying. Finland, with its extraordinary natural beauty, offers many facilities to its residents, which contributes to its high popularity. One of the cities that can be an excellent choice for living and studying is Honkajoen Finland and this article will introduce you to it.

Introduction to the City of Honkajoen Finland

Honkajoen is a unique city located in the southwestern part of Finland, known for its pristine and exceptional nature. Since the merger of the former Honkajoki municipality with Kankaanpää municipality on January 1, 2021, the city’s administration was transferred to Kankaanpää. This city is blessed with incredibly beautiful nature and is sure to captivate you. Honkajoen is situated approximately 70 kilometers northeast of Pori and 110 kilometers northwest of Tampere, on the river.

Finnish High Schools

Education in Finland is of a very high standard, making its educational system one of the best in the world. It doesn’t matter which school you attend in Finland; you will receive a high-quality education, and the conditions and facilities in schools do not differ significantly. Pre-primary education, primary education, and lower secondary education are free, and most further education beyond that is also free, provided you know Finnish or Swedish. Finland’s educational system aims to provide everyone, regardless of their family’s income, with an opportunity to receive a quality education and pursue their preferred careers.

Lower secondary education in Finland provides students with a broad general education and the necessary skills to begin university studies, vocational education, or applied sciences university studies, based on the lower secondary school curriculum. After completing lower secondary education, students take the matriculation examination and apply to their preferred university or institution.

Lower secondary education in Finland can be completed in comprehensive schools, adult secondary schools, distance learning, and some local colleges. Each year, over 100,000 students complete lower secondary education in Finland, with approximately 35,000 students starting their lower secondary education annually. On the other hand, around 30,000 students complete supplementary exams each year, concluding their lower secondary education.

The duration of lower secondary education in Finland can range from 2 to 4 years, depending on the student’s circumstances. Afterward, students can choose from various options, such as attending university, applied sciences university, or vocational education. In most lower secondary schools, the language of instruction is Finnish or Swedish. In larger cities, there are lower secondary schools with other languages of instruction, such as English or French.

Adults can complete their lower secondary education in adult secondary schools in Finland. There, you can complete either individual courses or the full lower secondary school curriculum and receive a diploma. This education can include face-to-face, distance, online education, and independent study, allowing individuals to choose the best option based on their circumstances.

Adult Secondary Schools

Adult secondary schools are primarily designed for individuals over 18 years of age. Education in adult secondary schools is flexible and provides conditions for everyone to continue their education. The teaching in these schools usually takes place in the afternoon, leaving part of the day for independent study. Many adult secondary schools offer Finnish language courses for immigrants, and you would need to directly contact the school regarding these.

High Schools in the City of Honkajoen Finland

There are various choices for high school education, and you can find a high-quality high school or educational institution in almost every region. In addition to mandatory courses in schools, you can select various optional courses that suit you. As mentioned, there are no tuition fees for high school education; it’s free. If you started high school in Honkajoen, Finland in the autumn of 2021 or later, the high school textbooks are provided to you for free. However, if you started high school earlier, you would need to purchase your high school textbooks. If you have special circumstances, are ill, or cannot attend school, different distance learning programs will be recommended so you can complete your school year simultaneously with other students.

Honkajoen High School is a small high school located in Northern Satakunta, in the heart of the UNESCO Global Geopark Lauhanvuori-Hämeenkangas. In Honkajoen High School, students have the opportunity to study environmental education with a focus on environmental sciences and biology. In addition to this, entrepreneurship education will be provided alongside other subjects. Environmental education helps students understand sustainable living and the prospects of their career. A significant part of environmental education involves practical experience in environmental research and fieldwork.

Honkajoen Finland
Honkajoen Finland

In Honkajoen High Schools, the well-being of students is highly regarded, and various programs and activities are designed to boost their spirits, allowing them to create good memories of their teenage years. The facilities at Honkajoen High Schools include a gym, a sports field, a multipurpose play area, an ice skating rink, and cross-country skiing tracks during the winter season.

These high schools maintain good relationships with universities and even offer students the opportunity to pursue studies in nursing and technology. If you decide to study at these schools, there are reasonably priced apartments available for rent in the vicinity of the school. The average rent for a single-room apartment is 350 euros, but it might be cost-effective to share a larger apartment with another student. The rent for three-room apartments with a kitchen can range from 500 to 800 euros.

Mandatory and Optional Subjects in Honkajoen High Schools include:

– Literature

– Finnish Language

– Mathematics (Advanced and Basic Curricula)

– English (Starting from Elementary Levels 1-6)

– Swedish

– Languages that begin from Basic Levels 7-9: German, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Russian

– Physics

– Chemistry

– Philosophy

– History

– Social Studies

– Biology

– Geography

– Psychology

– Religion

– Health Education

– Physical Education

– Visual Arts

– Music

– General Education Certificates in Physical Education, Visual Arts, Music, and Home Economics

– Guidance Counselor

– Environmental Education, such as Sustainable Development, Natural Resources, Environmental Research

– Entrepreneurship Education, including Marketing Communications and Customer Service, Economics

Facilities in Honkajoen High Schools

– Free Laptops

– Free Digital Educational Resources

– Free School Books

– Free Lunch

– Free Access to the Gym

– Shared Apartment Accommodation

These are the highlights of high school education in Honkajoen Finland. It’s evident that this region offers a remarkable educational experience in a beautiful natural setting.

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