High Schools and Vocational Schools in Rantasalmi Finland

High Schools and Vocational Schools in Rantasalmi Finland

If you’re considering studying abroad, you might initially think of the United States or countries like Germany. Finland is a country that fewer people think of as their first option, but the high level of the education system and the comfortable lifestyle in the city of Rantasalmi, Finland, and other schools in the country make it one of the best choices for studying in high schools abroad.

Why would Finland be a good destination for migration?

Finland, often referred to as the happiest country in the world, is located in northern Europe and is the most forested region globally. With 190,000 lakes, it’s a paradise for nature lovers, complete with snow, rivers, and pristine landscapes. Most cities experience cold, snowy weather, offering numerous activities related to the North Pole, providing enjoyment for residents and tourists alike. Finland also experiences a phenomenon known as the Midnight Sun in the summer when the sun doesn’t set for about 70 days, and in the winter, it doesn’t rise for about 50 days. In addition to these wonders, Finland boasts a beautiful natural phenomenon known as the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), which can only be seen in the northern polar regions. Many beautiful historic buildings with significant historical value are found in Finland, further adding to the country’s allure for history enthusiasts.

Finland consistently ranks among the top countries in the world due to its high level of security, desirable quality of life, and strong education. Finland’s education system has been internationally recognized for years, and many countries are striving to emulate it. For several years, Finland’s education system has been hailed as the best globally. Various studies have shown that Finland’s elementary school system outperforms the international system and surpasses schools in other developed countries. PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) studies, which measure the knowledge level of young people, have consistently yielded excellent results for the Finnish, placing them at the top of the world compared to other countries.

The excellence of the Finnish education system and the secret of its success have always been subjects of discussion. Many experts attribute the success of the Finnish education system to factors such as free primary education and equality. It’s important to note that Finland has a relatively small student population compared to other countries, which may also impact the quality of education. Other critical factors include precise study planning without cramming, and the employment of experienced and qualified teachers.

In Finland, there’s a generally positive attitude toward further education at universities, and the Finnish education system introduces students to higher education from the beginning of their school years. Students are encouraged to get to know themselves and choose advanced studies according to their interests, which can lead to either entering the job market in that field or enrolling in a related university.

In Finland, it doesn’t matter which family you come from when you go to school; the quality of education you receive is equal to that of other students in your city and even the entire country. Only in specific cases, some schools offer their courses in English to allow international students to study in Finland.

Introduction to the City of Rantasalmi Finland

Rantasalmi is a small town with a population of 4,000 in eastern Finland, known for its breathtaking scenery. Savonlinna, a neighboring town to Rantasalmi, is where the Savonlinna Opera Festival is held every year in July within the Savonlinna Castle grounds. Apart from the natural beauty within the town, there are many things to see in the surrounding areas. Living in this town will bring you a lot of peace, especially if you have an inclination for nature.

Sights in the City of Rantasalmi Finland

If you’re traveling to Rantasalmi, there are several notable places you should consider visiting. A trip to Rantasalmi is accessible by bus, and the nearest cities (Savonlinna and Varkaus) are within 42 kilometers of the town.

  1. Linnansaari National Park: Established in 1956 and maintained by Metsähallitus, Linnansaari National Park consists of 98 square kilometers of islands and water. This city is also home to the critically endangered Saimaa Ringed Seal and one of Finland’s largest birds, the Osprey.
  2. Rantasalmi Church: The Rantasalmi Church, constructed in 1904 and representing late Gothic architecture, was destroyed by lightning in late June 1984. Architect Carl Johan Slotte designed a new church to be built inside the old church’s walls, and it was opened on the twelfth day of 1989. This is the fifth church in the area, founded in 1578.
  3. Rantasalmi Museum: This museum is open during the summer and is located in the center of Rantasalmi.
  4. Villi Villa Art Gallery: The stunning lakeside view creates a lovely environment for the excellent paintings of Pentti Eikamoinen. The Villi Villa Art Gallery-Studio is situated approximately 5 kilometers from Rantasalmi toward Varkaus and is open during the summer without an entrance fee.
  5. Aika matka Walking Route: There’s a beautiful 3-kilometer walking route in this town that starts at the main museum in the center of Rantasalmi. This route will tell you 12 stories about Rantasalmi and its cultural history. The route is marked with signs and has QR codes that provide the text in English.
Rantasalmi Finland
Rantasalmi Finland

Rantasalmi High School, Finland

Rantasalmi High School is a small school with an excellent environment in eastern Finland, located by Lake Saimaa. In this school, there are highly qualified teachers who ensure a high standard of teaching quality. A student counselor, a school supervisor, and a psychologist are present at the school every day and assist students if needed. Each student receives their own laptop for study time and, depending on their level of study, borrows school books from the library. School lunches are free, and there are no costs associated with attending school.

School days in Rantasalmi run from 8 am to 2 pm. After school, you can join theater or music classes, with rehearsals held three times a week for actors (acting, singing, and dancing) and once a week for musicians. There’s also the opportunity to study technology after school hours to prepare students for entering the job market. This course is offered at no extra cost.

Facilities at Rantasalmi High School

If you decide to study at Rantasalmi High School, you’ll be glad to know that there are accommodation options such as shared apartments and school-owned dormitories. Each person has their own room, but the kitchen and bathroom are shared. The dormitory is furnished and is approximately a 10-minute walk from the school. The monthly rent for this dormitory is 180 euros, which is reasonable considering its proximity to the school and acceptable facilities. Students residing in the dormitory can prepare additional lunches for dinner and weekends from the school kitchen.

A gym, an indoor skiing track, a sports field, as well as slow jogging trails, skiing, and skating areas are located near the school. The gym is free for newcomers, and the indoor skiing track has a small fee (2 euros). Every graduate student will receive a 500 euro cost support from the local education fund to continue their studies.

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