Vacational and High schools in Taavetti Finland

Vacational and High schools in Taavetti Finland

Finland is known globally as a top country for education, and during the 2000s, Finnish youth performed well in the international PISA study, which assesses the competence of 15-year-old teenagers. Finnish young people’s skills are at a high level compared to the global scale. In this article, we will discuss the Finnish education system and then introduce high schools and vocational schools in the city of Taavetti Finland.

Education in Finland during Childhood and Elementary School

The foundation of the Finnish education system is high-quality and cost-effective education that practically all children complete. All Finnish children, regardless of their financial situation, have the right to education during childhood, and pre-primary education, which became mandatory before primary school in 2015, should also be completed by all children. Currently, every child is required to participate in pre-primary education before starting school, during which the child’s readiness for school is also assessed.

Education after Elementary School

After 9 years of study, students can go to secondary education. In Finland, the aim is for about half of the age group to attend high school and the other half to pursue vocational education. It’s also possible to combine secondary and vocational education, and many students nowadays complete a combined degree. While the education offered by high schools is general education, those graduating from vocational educational institutions can enter the workforce upon completion of their studies.

After secondary education, you have the option to apply for higher education. In universities, you can complete a three-year bachelor’s degree and then a two-year master’s degree. The scope of university degrees varies, but it usually takes 3.5 to 4.5 years to complete a bachelor’s degree. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, you can pursue a master’s degree at the university.

Why Finnish Schools Are the Best in the World?

The success of the Finns over the years is justified by the high level of education of teachers and the fairness of the system. In Finland, there is a state school with equality for all students, accessible to all children. Teachers are well-trained at university and undergo specific courses. Finnish children learn a lot at school, not limited to scientific subjects. In the early years, school days are short, about 4 to 5 hours, including lunch and breaks. Playing with other students plays a significant role in elementary school education, which is considered a strength of Finnish schools. The school environment in Finland is safe, and children are encouraged to move as much as possible during breaks.

In Finland, all schools are at the same level, ensuring that the facilities and academic level of students in larger cities are equivalent to those in smaller towns. The only difference is the language of instruction in schools, with some schools offering their courses in English to provide international students with the opportunity to study in Finland.

Introduction to the City of Taavetti Finland

Taavetti is a small town and the administrative center of the Luumäki municipality in South Karelia, Finland. This area has a population of 2,084 people and is located along Highway 6 between Lappeenranta and Kouvola. The distance from Taavetti to the nearest city, Lappeenranta, is about 40 kilometers. The Taavetti area has evolved around a castle of the same name, which is part of a chain of fortresses built in the late 18th century to protect St. Petersburg. The small town has a Taavetti railway station, and its distance from larger cities is not significant.

Sights in Taavetti Finland

The town of Taavetti is one of the beautiful and unique towns in Finland that captivates all tourists with its extraordinary natural landscapes. In this small town, there are several places of interest that you should visit during your visit:

  1. Historical museums in the region.
  2. Old church.
  3. Lachlainen Museum.
  4. Appelénd Church.
  5. Lappeenranta Car Museum.
  6. Savitaipale Church.

By choosing this city for your education, you will not only benefit from the high quality of education and well-trained teachers but also have the opportunity to explore all the natural and special places in the region and enjoy your days.

Taavetti Finland
Taavetti Finland

Taavetti Finland School

The Taavetti high school is located in Lappeenranta, South Karelia, Finland. Research has shown that students at this school have a high academic level, and a significant percentage of them are accepted into reputable universities. The success of the students is highly valued in the region, and teachers and career advisors offer a lot of guidance to help you plan your field of study according to your career aspirations and future studies.

In addition to the mandatory subjects offered in all Finnish high schools, the school offers a wide range of elective study units in modern European languages and business studies, some of which provide an opportunity for practical work experience. The school collaborates with higher education institutions in the region (LUT, LAB), and these centers will help you improve your academic level.

School Facilities in Taavetti, Finland

In addition to the high quality of education in this school, there are other facilities that help students have a better educational experience.

– Free laptops

– Free digital learning resources

– Free schoolbooks

– Free lunch

– Free access to the gym

– The option of living in a shared apartment with a monthly rent of 150-300 euros

– A sports center with an open area and a covered ice rink in the school area.

Some typical expenses for studying in this city include:

– Food and beverages: 200 euros per month

– Mobile phone plan with unlimited data: 30 euros per month

– Leisure activities: free or partial costs (e.g., gym, badminton, golf)

In Conclusion

If you are looking for a school to pursue your education, Taavetti School will be an excellent choice. This school is situated in a peaceful area and provides students with many facilities. In addition to mandatory courses that all students take, several specialized courses are offered, allowing you to choose these courses based on your preferences and prepare for employment or further education in the future.

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