Finding Work After Graduation in Finland | How to Find a Job in Finland After Graduation?

Work After Graduation in Finland

Finding Work After Graduation in Finland | How to Find a Job in Finland After Graduation?

Every academic term, many individuals migrate to Finland for their education, aiming to get closer to their dream careers due to the strong educational system in this country. Finland provides excellent conditions for students and offers various facilities. Attending universities in Finland will prepare you for the job market, and if you wish, you can start working after completing your studies. In this article, we intend to explore the conditions for finding work after graduation in Finland; stay with us.

Conditions for Working After Graduation in Finland

If you intend to stay in Finland and work after your studies, you should familiarize yourself with the post-graduation work regulations in Finland.

– If you study at Finnish universities, you can stay in Finland for up to one year (maximum) after your graduation and search for a suitable job.

– To avoid problems after graduation, it is better to take necessary steps before graduation.

– Providing documents such as a passport, academic records, proof of financial stability, and more is important to obtain a work residence permit after graduation.

– To increase your chances of finding work after graduation in Finland, it’s better to be proficient in Swedish or Finnish.

To obtain a work residence permit after graduation, you will need the following documents:

– A passport with at least 6 months of validity.

– A certificate proving your current student residence.

– A filled-out visa extension form.

– If you have a job contract, it is essential to provide it.

Job Market Conditions in Finland

Before deciding to work in Finland, you should assess all aspects and take the necessary steps based on the Finnish job market. Due to the economic growth of Finland and the emergence of new businesses every day, there are various job opportunities for technology engineers, cleaning staff, service workers, accountants, and more. Professions like medicine and nursing have consistently been in high demand and can also help you secure a work residence permit in various countries. The average salary in Finland is €4,700 per month, although this amount may vary based on the profession.

In terms of work culture, Finland is one of the best in the world. The country emphasizes a balance between work and personal life. Many companies allow their employees to have flexible working hours. Each person is responsible for fulfilling their duties well, and no extra burden is placed on their colleagues. In Finland, managers consider themselves equals to their employees, making it easy to establish communication with them.

In-Demand Jobs in Finland

Generally, there are plenty of job opportunities in Finland, and you can find a suitable job depending on your interests and educational background. However, if you are looking for a job with higher demand, you might consider focusing on fields related to information technology, nursing, education, and more.

Currently, the most in-demand jobs in Finland include:

– Electrical and mechanical engineers.

– Welders.

– Locksmiths and carpenters.

– IT engineers, game developers, and programmers.

– University lecturers, schoolteachers, and kindergarten teachers.

– Doctors.

– Nurses.

– Cleaners.

– Cooks.

– Chemical engineers.

It’s important to note that the salary will vary based on your chosen profession. For instance, on average, surgeons earn €84,000 annually, while a college professor earns €59,700. There are also numerous professions with monthly salaries of less than €5,000, but these may include other income such as bonuses.

Finding a Job After Graduation in Finland

To find a job after graduation in Finland, your university will be of great assistance. Finnish universities have excellent connections with various companies and can introduce their students to potential employers. When you start thinking about finding a job in Finland towards the end of your studies, you can discuss it with your university, and they will provide you with the necessary support. Your chances are higher when using this method than when applying for jobs in Finland from another country.

Apart from universities, various employment agencies can help you find a suitable job based on your field of study. To receive assistance from these agencies, you need to provide them with your resume, academic information, and the desired job position. Depending on job opportunities, they will recommend the best option for you. Some of these agencies include,,, and You can find more detailed information on their websites.

In general, it is not mandatory to visit an employment agency to find work after graduation in Finland. Your university will provide you with extensive help throughout the process. However, if you believe your chances will improve by using an employment agency, feel free to use this method to find a job.

Finding Work After Graduation in Finland
Finding Work After Graduation in Finland

How Many Years After Starting Work in Finland Can You Obtain Citizenship?

The number of years you study in Finland will not be considered as residence years. As a result, you cannot apply for permanent residence after four years of studying. A non-Finnish individual can apply for permanent residence after working in the country for at least four years, paying full insurance and taxes. You can register your application for citizenship in the fifth year. During your time working in Finland, you must follow all laws and fully adapt to the living conditions in the country to be eligible for permanent residence.

Is Knowledge of the Finnish Language Necessary?

Most people in Finland are familiar with the English language, and knowing this language is sufficient for communication and interaction in a work environment. However, if you want to have more job opportunities, we recommend becoming proficient in the Finnish language. Proficiency in the Finnish language can build employers’ trust in you, ensuring that no communication difficulties arise when interacting with other individuals.

The FinlandQ Consulting team can assess your specific situation and provide you with all the necessary information. Stay in touch with us.

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