Continue your high school studies in Swedish in Finland from fall 2023

high school studies in Swedish

Continue your high school studies in Swedish in Finland from fall 2023

In this article, we intend to introduce one of the most interesting and latest services of Finlandq: studying in high school in Swedish language! Stay with us throughout the article to become familiar with the process of applying for this educational opportunity.

Studying in high school in Swedish

As you may know, Finland is located next to Sweden and if we look at the history of these two countries until 1809, Finland was considered part of the Swedish kingdom. After that, it was under Soviet rule until Finland gained independence from Russia in 1920. Because of this geographical proximity and of course the cultural ties between Sweden and Finland, Swedish is actually considered the second language of the Finnish people. 

This closeness and cultural and linguistic mixture has led to the continued presence of Swedish-language educational institutions in Finland. Recently, Finlandq migration company has signed a contract with several Swedish high schools operating in Finland, providing an opportunity to register for high school education in the 2023 academic year by the deadline of February 27th. After completing the registration process for this project, you will have 5 months to learn Swedish and take advantage of the opportunity for free education.

Submit an application 

Applying for high school education in Swedish is easy with the support of Finlandq team throughout all stages including English interviews, learning the Swedish language, and administrative affairs. Here’s a summary of the steps you will take, and if you have any questions, our colleagues will be available to assist you through communication channels.

The first step is an English interview. The required English proficiency level for this interview is IELTS 6 or equivalent, but ultimately no language certificate is required.

After being accepted in the interview – which we assist you in successfully completing – your Swedish language classes will begin. Free education in these high schools is specifically due to education being in the Swedish language, which is the main prerequisite for participating in this project.

The third step is an interview with the school in March. After being accepted in this interview, we will assist you with residence affairs and the application process, so that you can start your classes in August 2023 in the happiest country in the world.

To get a better idea of Finland, its advantages and features, and the schools in this country, we recommend reading this article.

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